Impact Youth League was established with this truth.
Proverbs 22:6 - Train Up A  Child  In The Way He Should Go,
And When He Is Old, He Will Not Depart From It!
Since the program’s inception, we have been fortunate to have quality individuals who have contributed to the program’s success by the giving of their time.  This in turn has helped to shape the kids that have participated .   Below  are
The roles played by some of these individuals were indispensable.  At times going above and beyond their problems to serve kids in need.  These roles included, but were not limited to support, life coach, educator, referee, planning committee, clean-up person, team coach, score keeper, peace maker, security, counselor, getting supplies, friend, tutor, clinician, advisor.
With apologies to many other un-named people, these were  some of the community heroes who are responsible for the success of the Impact Youth League-sometimes
by just being there when they needed to be.
Charles Cooper
Jordan Vickers
Dan McLaughlin
Andrea Spence
"Icy Man" Bob
Corey Straker
Michael Williams
Kevin Gonzalez
Mary Myers
Paul Vickers
Mike Eisenberg
Jeffrey Outler
Talib Monk
Darren Shepherd
Lionel James
Marjorie Young
Calvin Dais
Robert Duliebre
Grace Spalding
Ronnie Rogers
Denise Parham
Loris Palmer
Debbie Vickers
some notable contributors
to the program.